Olive oil produced by our agricultural holding, of a superior category, is obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means. It is a product of first cold pressing, in accordance with the traditional method, mostly of “Coratina” variety, grown in our farm.

Due to its delicate taste, this extra virgin oil can be used for all kinds of Mediterranean seasoning. It is particularly well-suited for baked vegatables and pulses.

The whole range of “Brezza tra gli ulivi” extra virgin oils is available in the following formats:

0,25lt and 0,75 lt bottles; 3 lt and 5 lt cans. Moreover, we enlarged our production with flavoured extra virgin oil in 0,25 lt bottles. You can choose among truffle, lemon, basil and chilli pepper.

To order our oil, contact us through this simple form, we can also send it to your home!

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